The Seasons - Music for Dance; Self-Published in 1998


Music composed, performed, and recorded by Greg Zbach. Digitally mastered at Studio Z

In the Telling Music Grimsby
 a. Quiet After the Storm
 b. Brisk Reality
 c. Snow Steps
 d. The Wonder
 a.Winter's Last Breath
 b. Signs of Spring
 c. Spring Fever
4.Dawn - Morning6:33Play
5.Rain Dances10:10Play
 a. Lazy Afternoon
 b. Changes in the Air
 c. Storm Warnings
 d. Rain Dancing
      1. Onset of Rain
      2. Cloudburst
      3. The Cleansing
      e. Bright New Day
6.Night Sounds - Evening6:13Play
Total Length 38:50

Written for modern dance, "The Seasons" consists of instrumental tone poems composed in the "New Age" style and includes the suite: "Images of Home." "The Seasons" recreates in music, the imagery and feelings of six memorable encounters with nature in the composer's home town of Erie, Pennsylvania.

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