Greg Zbach Photoartist


"The art is in the telling"
                           Greg Zbach

Artist's Statement:

Being an artist with a background in engineering, I feel I have benefitted from the juxtaposition of analytical and creative processes in my perspective on nature. This balance allows for a greater variety of photographic expression, leading to a range from surreal and even op art-like to painterly images.

I use technology to heighten the magical qualities of vision. The digital camera is the instrument I use to capture both the ordinary and extraordinary events I perceive. The digital darkroom allows me to present my impression of these moments in time. My work comes from a traditional photographic construct but I also alter certain works to magnify and focus a feeling, mood or sense of wonder.

I strive to create a mysterious atmosphere in my photographs, even to the point of strangeness, in order to draw the viewer in to a challenging and evocative experience.

It is my hope to leave the spectator a compelling and fresh view of the natural world.

Greg Zbach


(In his natural habitat!)

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